The LAW of Three – How to Increase your Income GUARANTEED

If you follow these guidelines you will be on your way to increase your income at any age, in any field. And don’t give the bullshit about your company would never increase or double your wage in the months and years ahead, because that’s not true.

If you’re shaking your head right now thinking I talk a bunch of nonsense, I can prove you wrong. Ask yourself Is there ANYONE in your company that earns two times as much as you do? I bet there are people who earns three, four even five times as much as you.

That means your company is indeed willing to pay someone at least twice as much as you. However you gotta realize that it’s not the company that is not willing to pay you the money. It’s you that don’t contribute enough to be worth that additional money.

Jim Rohn illustrated this great when he said: “If you want to have more, you have to become more.” This is the absolute fundamentals when it comes to increasing your salary, and one very effective method to simply become more is to apply the law of three. The law of three will help you double your productivity, performance and output within twelve months, and sometimes even within the first month .

What you need to do is make a list of everything you do in a week or month at your workplace. Write everything down, all the procedures you go through, no matter how big or small they are they need to be listed. It can be returning phone calls, checking and answering emails, refilling your cup of coffee, meetings, everything. When you’ve completed a list with all the task you perform on your daily work routine, the next step is to only pick one thing on the list. If you could only perform one single task from that list, that will bring the most value to your company, which task would that be?

When you review your list, that task should be an obvious one, and should not be hard to pick. Whatever that task is, highlight it,

Once you’ve decided the most important task move on to highlight the second most important task. If you could only do two task the whole week, which would those tasks be?

Lastly you need to identify the third most important task that will be of most value to your company and highlight it.

You should now have three primary tasks written down and highlighted, which are the components for the law of three. The law of three says that there are three primary things you do that contribute 90 % or more of your value to the company. It’s your job to identify those three things and then make sure to do them all day long.

Discipline yourself to remove all the other wasteful tasks and just go all in the three primary ones. All the other tasks that’s not highlighted will be supportive or complementary. You will most likely find a few minor tasks that you put way too much effort and energy into, that doesn’t really contribute as much as you might think.

Often times we tend to focus on minor supportive tasks as a way of unconsciously avoiding difficult, important tasks that can have a huge impact on your career. It doesn’t matter how well you do unimportant tasks as it will not help you. It will actually do more harm than good, because it keeps you from working at your high-value tasks (rugby scene). Benjamin Tregoe said “The very worst use of time is to do very well what need not be done at all.”

If your goals is to be promoted faster and be paid more, to become one of the most valuable and highest paid in your field. Then your job is to make yourself valuable and make yourself indispensable to your company. To become indispensable you have to always be working on the tasks your boss and the company values the most.

Another method you can use is Brian Tracy’s success formula that he used when he began his career and had no real experience in the field and was more or less unrecognized by his boss. The formula he used was simple. Whenever his boss gave him something to do, he did that immediately. As soon as he was done, he hurried back to his boss like a dog that returns a stick to the owner, and demand more responsibility.

Every time he was all caught up with work, instead of relaxing, he went to his boss and demanded more work and more responsibility. He would do this every day like a broken record and pretty quickly he established himself as the “go-to-guy”. Whenever his boss needed something done quickly, he passed everyone else and went straight to Brian. He kept doing this and within a year he was running three divisions in the company and had a staff of over 40 people. He also learned that his boss paid him more than anyone else who had ever worked for him because he simply knew that Brian would bring results quickly.

If you want to advance fast, do whatever what your boss gives you, and do it well and quickly. When you’re done, ask for more responsibility and more work until you get a reputation for being the trustworthy guy that can bring results quick. This simple formula will help you advance in your career, but you have to be willing to work for it.

Use these two methods and I guarantee that you will increase your salary, if not double it within the first year. The ideas for this were taken from Brian Tracy’s book No Excuses. Remember that in order to have more, you have to become more.

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