How to Make a Girl WANT you – 5 Slightly Unethical Techniques to Make Her Chase You

Making a girl want you can be difficult if you don’t know how to act or what to say. I will break down 5 slightly unethical techniques you can use straight away that will make a girl want you, and even chase you.

Break the touch barrier

Breaking the touch barrier can rapidly increase intimacy between you and the girl you’re talking to. There’s a lot of power in touch and being the guy she has that physical connection with can make all the difference. when you touch her you’re sending a subtle message that it’s OK for her to touch you back. Most people get amazed at how quickly things progress once they break the touch barrier.

By breaking the touch barrier early you will convey a sense of fun. You will come of as playful as long as you don’t over do it. Touching is a very powerful sense and is a way of communicating with her. Combine slight touches with a confident body language and you will accelerate things a lot.

It will also make her comfortable with your touch. Slight touches on her arms or legs will feel natural and she will get used to it.

However you can’t simply start touching girls as that would be fucking creepy. If she reacts like she was burned by hot stove you should probably retreat. Remember that not all girls like this so be careful when you use these methods. Start off small, with slight touches on her arms. To get the best results you should follow the Kino escalation ladder.

Kino escalation ladder.

If it’s the first time you see a girl and you’re attracted to her, you should make eye contact, smile and ask her a question. After she stops to answer you, start making small talk and emphasis your points by making slight contact with her by touching her upper arm. She has just met you and naturally assumes that you are like this all the time. Once you have her number and she leaves touch the back of her shoulder goodbye. When you met her again you will be able to comfortably continue with physical contact because she has already categorized you as a physical guy.

This is important but if you aren’t used to it, it can feel a bit awkward when you first start using it. Understand that these feelings of discomfort are occurring only in your mind. If you act confidently, then the girl will assume that this is just the way that you are. Remember that you are a stranger and so she doesn’t know that being physical in this way might be awkward for you. You will be perceived however you project yourself to be, not what might be going on in your mind.

Benjamin franklin effect

Another technique you can you use is the Benjamin Franklin effect. Benjamin Franklin practiced the psychology of dealing with people and was well respected for his social powers and skills. He became obsessed with the topic on human relations and analyzed how behaviors affected people. He was known for turning his enemies into fans, and one approach he used to do that is now known as the Benjamin Franklin effect.

You might think that doing favors for others will make them like you more. If you constantly insist on doing something for someone else they will finally approve of you right? Well it’s actually the other way around. You will grow to like people for whom you do nice things, and hate people you harm.

So in order to make a girl like you, ask her to do you a favor. It can be something small such as hold your drink while you tie your shoes, ask her to get you a sweet from the vending machine, or borrow her pencil. Once she is used to the idea of doing small favors for you, she will actually like you more.

And as Benjamin Franklin put it “He that has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another.”

This contradicts what most people think will make a girl like them, but that’s also one of the reasons the girl you like are not really into you. Put some trust in the Benjamin Franklin effect and it will work wonders.

Make her work for your approval (Screening)

If a girl asks you to buy her a drink, never ever EVER just buy her the drink. She is used to guys willingly spending money buying her drinks so that once she’s finished she will “just go for a quick bathroom break” and next thing you know she’s dancing with some other guy.

What you need to do is to raise your own value and make her work for that drink. Challenge her for it and make her do something to earn it. If she beats you at thumb wrestling you will buy her a drink. Tell her to make her best shakira dance impression and you will consider buying her a drink. Now she’s subconsciously trying to earn your approval and she’s actually now chasing you.

Make this a habit, not only when she asks for drinks at a bar but in all areas of life. She will start to prove her value to you. By doing this you will stand out from all the other guys that just throwing drinks at her and it will make you look confident and worth fighting for.

It shows that you’re used to be in this situation and you’re in control of it. You’re basically turning the question around to her and letting her know that you’re not just some schmuck that she can get free drinks from – and damn will she love that.

The last tip is to avoid drum roll moments

When you’re talking to a girl you like, you should always avoid drumroll moments. A drum roll moment is when you make a statement or ask a question that’s filled with anticipation and demands an answer from her.

It can be something like (scratch record) “so I really like you and want to know if you like me” or “I’ve been wanting to ask you out for a date and I finally gathered my courage to ask you out, do you want to go on a date with me?”

These are drum roll moments and questions like these put you in a corner. It forces a response from the girl and she will most likely feel a bit pressured and choose to run away from it. If she declines you will be left devastated. It’s always better to play it smoothly and never put yourself in those kinds of situations.

If you want to ask her out, don’t make a huge deal about it. What you could say instead can be something like “I have some time off on Tuesday and wanted to try the Mexican restaurant out, you should join me if can handle some spicy food.” This question won’t put you in the corner, and even if she declines you can brush it off easily and ask her again the next time.This question also shows that you have your own life and are busy, but at the same time value her enough to include her in it.

I hope these tips helped you out and if you learned something new make sure to like the video.  I’m uploading new videos every week so if you want to be updated with my latest videos don’t forget to subscribe to keep yourself primed.


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