Why Apple Cider Vinegar is SUPER Effective for Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has a lot of health benefits and it is a truly fantastic potion when it comes to weight loss. Not because of the nutritional content, but for a the effects it has on the hormonal responses. After years of heavy research and lots of studies, ACV is now considered to be one of the healthiest beverages there is, if you consume it in moderation. So in this video I will break down the benefits of ACV and how you can use it to lose weight fast.

When breaking down the health benefits of ACV, it’s not the nutritional content that will stand out, but its unique ability to acidify the body and impact the ph balance along with lowering blood sugar and insulin levels. It will help the internal transport of minerals such as calcium, the digestion of proteins and also stimulate the thyroid function.

However before going any further, don’t assume you will get fucking ripped because you take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day. It has tremendous effects on your body, not only for weight loss, but it doesn’t make up for a shitty nutrition.

When apple cider is processed and fermented the sugars turns into organic acid. This organic acid is called Acetic acid and have the ability to impact and reset the ph levels in your body. And because we tend to have excessive alkaline ph levels in the blood, the acetic acid in the apple cider vinegar will actually adjust that very quickly and bring it down. By changing the ph levels just a tiny bit, it will have huge effects and this is the reason for why Apple cider vinegar is so effective. It creates a chain reaction where the metabolism is affected among others.

The acetic acid also affects blood sugar and insulin by lowering its output and therefore improving insulin resistance. High insulin levels is what causes you to gain weight, and by consuming ACV and digesting the acetic acid, you will dramatically lower the insulin levels and this is why it’s super effective for weight loss.

Another reason for why so many people are having success with losing weight drinking ACV, is because it will increase the feeling of fullness and satiety. A study concluded that “Supplementation of a meal based on white wheat bread with vinegar reduced postprandial responses of blood glucose and insulin, and increased the subjective rating of satiety. There was an inverse dose-response relation between the level of acetic acid and glucose and insulin responses and a linear dose-response relation between acetic acid and satiety rating.”

Other studies have shown that it can affect the satiety and make you eat 200-275 calories less per meal because you will simply feel satisfied. And as we all know, eating fewer calories will make you lose weight, and ACV will make cutting calories much easier. So in short, if you supplement your meals with ACV, you will feel full and satisfied, without eating as much.

Now if you want to lose weight at a ridiculous rate using apple cider vinegar, skip breakfast and implement intermittent fasting. When you wake up, instead of eating breakfast, take just one tablespoon of ACV to start off your day and let the first real meal be your lunch. Intermittent fasting is also considered to be one of the greatest and healthiest methods to burn fat, and combined with ACV the weight will fly off.

The taste of pure ACV can be pretty disgusting, however mixing it with other ingredients in hot water will solve that problem. Lemon and citrus is common to mix with if you can’t handle it by itself. I’ve actually made another video on 6 uncommon tips to master sleep, where mixing ACV with honey in hot water is one of the greatest tips to improve the quality of sleep, while waking up fully rested.

Take one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day for best results. You will feel a noticeable difference pretty quickly, and it’s a great way to start the day if you’re fasting. All the studies and sources are linked below.

Bragg’s apple cider vinegar on Amazon: 

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Eric Berg’s videos on this subject:




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