Vision with PRIMED

My vision with Primed is to reach and impact as many people as possible and to improve their situation mentally, physically and financially. And as of now, it’s finally paying of.

For the first 5 months I was working every single day (still am) but nothing happened. I got the occasional view every here and there but I couldn’t pass 100 subscribers.

views first 5 monthsI had my systems in place and uploaded a video every single week no matter how the week looked. Many hours of sleep was sacrificed, especially in the beginning since I didn’t know anything about making videos.

I thought it was gonna take a month or two before I got some traction, but hell no. Then finally I got a quick burst of views and subscribers after 5 months! HERE WE GO, I thought. But then it died out again..

But then something very unexpected happened

I was leaving in July to have my first summer vacation since the summer of 2011. Nice little break. But there was NO WIFI IN THE HOUSE we were renting. No YouTube for the next 8 days whatsoever.. this is gonna end bad I thought.

When I get home from the vacation, my channel has exploded! My video of the kettlebell swing had taken off and my channel was doing better than ever! And it all happened when I took a break and didn’t do any work for over a week. Bisarrt. But very pleasant.


Hope you enjoyed some behind the scenes stuff. Will post more soon.


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