1 Year on YouTube – 100k Subscribers – THANK YOU

Todays was a pretty surreal day. The 22nd of January 2018 is the day that I reached the number of subscribers I jotted down on a piece of paper about 1 year ago – 100,000 subscribers.

And when I say about a year ago, I really mean EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO.

The 22nd of January 2017 I uploaded my very first video on YouTube called “The Quickest Way to Burn Fat – Two Methods You Can Use Immediately”. You can watch it here but I recommend you not to because the quality is as good as my grandpas ability to make pancakes – non existing.

I had to do the voiceover about 45 times because I didn’t understand at the time that I could actually record and pause and edit the parts I didn’t want. So what you hear is me rambling from a script non-stop for 4 minutes x 45 times until 2:30 am in my parents basement. A few errors here and there in the last attempt but at the time I didn’t give a fu*k because I had to be at work in about 5 hours.

Oh and I didn’t have an actual microphone but used the built-in one on my 2012 Lenovo Laptop. How times have changes eh?

And I want to give HUGE thank you to everyone who has made the effort clicking or tapping that red SUBSCRIBE button. Without you guys I would’ve still have 0 on that count.

Officially jotting down my January 22nd 2019 prediction here: 500,000 subscribers.

EDIT: LETS GO FOR 1,000,000!


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