20 Most Effective Ways to Burn Fat (NOT CUTTING CALORIES)

I wanted to make a video on effective ways to burn fat beyond simply eating green and exercise more. So I will not discuss cutting calories for overall weight reduction but instead focus on methods to really turn up the fat burning hormones that will turn you into a fat burning machine. And these methods will more than often bring better results especially in the long term and some of them are actually enjoyable.

So I divided this video up into 4 parts which describes what you can do, eat, drink and also a last category called extra. And you might wanna stay around for that extra category because there are some surprising methods that can really rev up that fat burning and get you ripped. So here are the 20 most effective ways to burn fat.

First off, what you should do.

1. The first thing you should do is HIIT.

Forget about the long boring runs in the forest and instead focus on shorter workouts with higher intensity. HIIT is one of the, if not the best type of exercise to burn fat. So what you want to do is push yourself to the absolute limit for about 15-20 seconds. Short bursts of 100 % all out effort to really spike your heart rate and then rest until you’re able to go again. Repeat this 10 times or until you can’t do anymore. And the rest periods vary but usually between 1-2 minutes depending on how fit you are. The beautiful thing with HIIT is that it will only take about 15-20 minutes to complete a workout and the high intensity will elevate the metabolism long after you’re done working out allowing you to burn fat throughout the day. A Canadian study found that you can burn 9 times more fat during only a 4 minute HIIT session than 30-45 minutes on a treadmill. I suggest rowing machine, sprinting or swimming as HIIT exercises as it incorporates the whole body and will have crazy effects on fat burning.

2. Intermittent fasting

absNot a huge surprise coming from me and I’ve talked about the benefits many times. Simply restrict the hours you eat on to typically 8 hours and fast for the remaining 16 hours. You can take it as far as only eating one meal a day which some top athletes are doing and are reaping the rewards from it, with one major benefit being that it triggers human growth hormone (HGH) up to 2,000 % for men which is just insane, as HGH is responsible for fat burning among others things. You can watch my video that explains intermittent fasting here as well as why some top athletes only eat one meal a day here. Just know that it’s highly effective for burning fat along with a bunch of other benefits.

3. Kettlebell swings

This wonderful workout is much harder to do than most people think it is, and it’s even considered by many to be the single best exercise ever. It looks easy just swinging a kettlebell up and down but it’s actually one of the greater movements to increase heart rate and burn fat. And if you don’t have a lot of time, grab a kettlebell and get some swings in and make it into a hiit session. You can have a great workout in less than 15 minutes. Watch a longer video of the benefits of the kettlebell swing here.

4. Compound exercises

Compound exercises are the go to workouts when you’re doing resistance training in the gym and want the overall best results. I’m talking deadlifts, squats, bench press and military press. Exercises which requires you to recruit more than just one muscle group and allows you to lift a lot heavier weights. The heavy weight will trigger high amounts of human growth hormone and if you combine this with at least a 16 hour fast with 10 g of bcaa as a preworkout, you’ll be sure to burn a lot of fat.

5. Sport

Another thing you can do is to simply take up a sport. Maybe you were good at sport when you were younger but for some reason stopped playing, or you just want to try something new. Some friendly competition with a bunch of teammates is always good way get some exercise and burn some fat.

So let’s move on to the next section which is what to eat, and the first thing I would recommend is a ketogenic diet.

6. Ketogenic diet

A ketogenic diet is super effective if you want to burn fat, because it allows the body go straight to fat as energy instead of blood sugar and glucose. Eat the majority of your caloric intake in fat, moderate amount in protein and no carbs. It’s important to not eat too much protein as excess protein will be converted into glucose. And the greatest part about a ketogenic diet besides that it uses stored fat as energy, is the effects it has on the brain. The brain actually prefers this type of eating and you’ll experience an enhanced cognitive function and mental clarity while doing this diet.

7. Cinnamon

A pinch of cinnamon can have a direct impact on blood sugar levels which is hugely important when you’re trying to burn fat of as energy. Cinnamon will also make you feel satisfied and less hungry throughout the day and I recommend adding a pinch of cinnamon to your coffee in the morning to suppress hunger.

8. Goji berries

Goji Berries is one of the absolute best things to consume, not only because it’s packed with amino acids, minerals and vitamins, but it’s one of them rare foods that can directly impact and boost production of natural human growth hormone. It has the ability to stimulate the pineal gland to increase it. Pineapple and coconut oil also have similar effects.

9. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has actually been used as a health remedy since the 16th century when the benefits were discovered that it can increase mood and make you feel better. But the real reason it’s so effective for weight loss is because it contains huge amounts of theobromine which helps insulin resistance and sensitivity. And insulin is one of the major hormones responsible for burning fat. However the dark chocolate should be consumed in moderation for best results.

So let’s have a look at liquids that will trigger your fat burning hormones and the first one is green tea.

10. Green tea

Green tea is a great source of antioxidants and nutrients and on top of that it’s also excellent for weight loss and burning fat and a number of studies has proved this. Especially matcha green tea has been proven to elevate metabolism, increase fat oxidation while improving insulin and lowering blood sugar. It’s also brilliant to sip on in a fasted state.

11. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a lot of health benefits and it is a truly fantastic potion when it comes to weight loss. The acetic acid in ACV affects blood sugar and insulin by lowering its output and therefore improving insulin resistance. And once again insulin is affected making fat burning possible, and this is why it’s super effective for weight loss. And I’ve made a longer video on this before which you can watch here.

12. Cold water

Drinking ice cold water can actually have a direct impact on your resting metabolic rate and you’re able to burn some extra calories from it. This is because the body has to work harder to warm that water up once you’ve consumed it. And drinking two full glasses of cold water 30 minutes before eating can help you consume less calories because it will simply make you feel fuller.

13. Sodas and zero calorie drinks

So switching out regular sodas for zero calorie ones is a good tip if the only thing you consider is calories in and calories out, but there’s more to it. Some studies have shown that diet soda will actually make you more hungry and it also has a some artificial substitutes that is horrible for your overall health. So my tip when it comes to sodas is to first of all try to cut them out completely, but I know that’s pretty much impossible. So I suggest not to have any 0 calorie ones, but go for the real deal but only drink them on your strategically planned cheat day (see number 17).

14. Alcohol

I don’t wanna be that guy but have you considered skipping alcohol for a weekend or two? I feel like I don’t need to explain the benefits of this much further so I’ll just stop. However the next way of burning fat will contradict this one a bit because..

15. Red wine

..All types of alcohol doesn’t come without benefits, and red wine is one of them rare liquids that’s loaded with health benefits. This is mostly due to a substance called resveratrol that can be found in the red grapes, and research conducted at Harvard Medical school found that it has anti-aging properties due to its ability to keep blood vessels healthy. Resveratrol will also convert white fat into brown fat which is far more easy to burn, and a glass of red wine to wind down the day can be beneficial for burning fat. No more than 4-6 glasses per week is recommended for best results.

Alright let’s get into this last section called EXTRA where I want to start out with cold exposure.

16. Cold exposure

Cold exposure is one of the greatest ways to burn fat without even exercising. Remember when Michael Phelps was all over the news because of his 12,000 calorie diet? He trains extremely hard but the secret of burning that many calories is not only in his exercise, but in his environment. He trains for hours in water. It’s the cold water that makes it possible to burn those extra calories. This is because there are more ways to get rid of energy than simply raising activity levels or restricting calories. And energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change forms and thermodynamics is king in changing forms of energy and cold exposure allows you to get rid of fat in a ridiculously high pace.  I’ve made a full video in this topic that you can check out here, but just know that it’s highly effective for burning fat.

17. Plan your cheat days

Plan your cheat days. Having one cheat day a week or every 2 weeks where you just pull the plugs and feast and eat whatever can be very effective for losing weight. It’s what you do consistently that counts and eating bad one day of the week will not make you fat just like eating healthy one day of the week will not make you fit. And it’s a whole lot easier to skip the doughnut on the Wednesday when you know you can have 12 of them on Friday. This is also where you drink sodas until you’re sick of them and don’t crave them until the next cheat day.

18. Sleep

Get more sleep. A lot of studies have been made on the subject of sleep and weight loss and the results are conclusive. More sleep results in higher chances of desired weight. Sleeping less than seven hours per night can reduce and undo the benefits of dieting, according to research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. They studied two groups one the same diet and exercise routine and the only difference was the amount of sleep they got. They discovered that sleeping more than 7 hours a night increased fat burning with over 55 % compared to the sleep deprived group which is pretty astonishing. Another factor is that you’re decision making improves when you’re fully rested and you’re more likely to stay away from food you know is bad for you.

19. Fat burners and green tea extract

Fat burners are a controversial subject where some say it works and some say it’s plain bullshit. My recommendations are always science based and I wouldn’t suggest something that isn’t backed by studies, and there are a lot of studies that actually prove an increase in fat burning when green tea extract or green coffee bean extract is consumed. So when you’re looking to buy fat burners you want to make sure they have at least one of these two. Even though you can lose weight without exercising taking these pills, I recommend taking them to enhance fat burning to an existing workout routine. Tea-Rexx extreme fat burner or Old school labs Vintage burn are good options because of their ingredients.

20. Keep track of what you eat

I highly recommend simply tracking everything you eat at least for a week. It will make you aware of how much you eat and what the food actually contains which can be surprising sometimes. One of the best apps for this is my fitness pal and you can simply scan the barcode or type in what you eat and the food will appear and tell both macro and micronutrients as well as how many calories it is. It’s super easy to use and free to download.

You thought I was done now didn’t you? Well I included a little bonus segment if you want burn more fat during the day without really thinking about it. So this is my kaizen approach to getting rid of calories.

Walk or ride a bike instead of taking the car everywhere if possible.

If you have to take the car, park it further away to get some extra steps in.

Skip the elevator and take the stairs.

So there you have it, the most effective ways to burn fat. And I don’t know about you but eating chocolate, drinking wine and sleeping more is at least for me pretty enjoyable ways to do so. Combine some of these methods and you’ll become a fat burning machine in no time. 



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