What Really Separates the Rich From the Poor

Let’s talk about Tommy and John. They are the same age and grew up in the same neighborhood under similar circumstances. Neither have any special athletic abilities and they both have average IQ levels. Tommy struggles financially and is finding it hard to keep himself motivated to work and pay the bills while John is financially independent and is truly enjoying his life. But what really separates these two and why are there lives so different? In this video I’m gonna try to cut through the bullshit and truthfully explain the traits and characteristics that has made John succeed and put Tommy in a struggle.

Tommy is the happiest when his paycheck arrives because then he can finally get a hoverboard, a new pair of sneakers and hit the bars to celebrate that he’s been able to plow through the week. He wakes up the next morning feeling like absolute crap while also realizing he’s about to go broke again. He’s got no money saved but hey at least he’s got a sick hoverboard. John’s also happy when he gets payed, but before he pay’s everyone else and buys useless stuff, he pays himself first. Once he has invested at least 10 % of his earnings, that’s when John can comfortably spend it on other things. So Trait number 1. The rich pay themselves first.

When Tommy drives home after work, he makes a quick stop to get frosted doughnut and an energy drink. Once he’s by the register he also decides to get a lottery ticket for the chance of hitting the jackpot and live his dream life to quit his job, get free from duties and responsibilities and chugg mexican beers on the beach for the rest of his days. John on the other hand stopped buying lottery tickets when he realized it’s simply a tax on the poor and the vast majority of lottery winners go broke just as quick because they haven’t learned the skill to manage money. Johns dream is not inactivity and to chill on a beach, but to actively do what excites him every single day. He chooses to actively work towards his visions with a long term approach and improve himself to become more valuable and consequently earn more. Trait number 2. The rich base their decisions on long term rewards rather than instant gratification.

Tommy got a decent paying job after graduating and he gets a paycheck coming in regularly, providing he physically shows up and exchanges his time for money. He knows that if get sick or simply wants a longer vacation, his income will decrease drastically which is very stressful. John relies on several different streams and sources of income which are mostly passive, meaning he earns money all hours around the clock 7 days a week without having to physically be somewhere to exchange his time for money. And even if one of these income streams gets shut down he still have other sources rolling in taking a lot of stress of him. So trait number 3. Rich people have several sources of income.

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When Tommy graduated from school he could finally make a bonfire with all the books he bought over the years and celebrate that he’s now qualified for a real job. The learning is officially over and reading business and self help books to improve is no longer needed. Instead of spending money to improve, he spends it to take a loan for an overpriced home and a car with more buttons than his last one. When John graduated he started to listen and read more books on topics that actually interested him rather than to learn about the cells of a leaf which he was forced to learn in school. He knows that investing in himself is the greatest investment of all because even if he loses all his money from a bad business idea or investment, he’s got the confidence and ability to earn it all back again, while making sure to not repeat the same mistake again. Trait number 4. Rich people continuously invest in themselves.

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Tommy has worked several years in the same position with his income only increasing in the same rate as inflation and he’s becoming aggravated with not getting a raise. He doesn’t think he makes any mistakes and he surely knows how things should be operated and how to properly manage people without having any training or experience with it. He blames his boss and the poor management at work as well as the current political party for not earning more money. John doesn’t care what political party is in charge but instead focus his energy on what he can control to somehow benefit from the situation. If he hasn’t earned more money this year than the previous one, he knows it’s his own fault and that in order to have more he has to become more. Trait number 5. The rich never blames, but take full responsibility for their failures.

When the weekend finally comes around, Tommy turns his alarm off to sleep in for as long as he can. This is the fruit of his hard work, to be able to do absolutely nothing for an extended period of time and he sees sleep as a pleasure that he has earned. He doesn’t find fulfilment with what he does and his only purpose to get out of bed and work is to pay the bills. John on the other hand could very well wake up late if he wanted to, but he chooses not to spend his time sleeping in, and instead wakes up just as early as he usually does because he’s more excited to be productive and make progress than to sleep. Trait number 6. The rich don’t sleep in.

When Tommy finally steps out of bed he drags himself to couch and and puts a netflix serie on to entertain himself until it’s time to sleep again. When he’s not mindlessly entertaining himself, he’s clueless on what do make of his time and going to the bar seems like a good option no matter what day of the week it is. John wakes up and don’t care to sleep longer because he’s got a major purpose that he pursues with an intensity and without quitting. He doesn’t see the work and effort he put into it as a sacrifice but has become addicted to the sensation of making progress and getting closer to his vision every day. Trait number 7: The rich have clear vision or purpose.

Tommy realizes that the most productive thing he has done this week was to level up two times on GTA while finishing four bags of Doritos in one sitting. In the back his head he knows that he should probably get a few things done before going to bed but he keeps telling himself – there’s always a tomorrow. John has checklist of of things he needs to get done which he wrote down the night before. Some tasks are incredibly small while others are bigger, but it creates a path which he can follow and complete to make him progress. Once he’s completed that list of tasks he watches some Netflix before heads out to the bars to get absolutely slambangled. Trait number 8. The rich makes progress before entertainment.

So there you have it guys, some of the traits and characteristics that makes it possible for John to smoke Tommy in the financial game.


2 thoughts on “What Really Separates the Rich From the Poor

  1. What does paying yourself mean when you say, you pay yourself at least 10%?
    Is that 10% or more put away in a saving account or is it for other things… and can you elaborate on what other things can be for you for example.



    1. Hi Arturo!
      To pay yourself means that you invest it. Secure your future my friend! Paper assets is the most common investment to make, but also commodities or reinvest it if you run a small business. I have a few videos on this topic that you can check out!


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