The 7 Things You Need to GIVE UP to be Successful  

After plowing through some research and documents about becoming more productive and achieve more, it became evident that we don’t always need to add more things to get there, but rather give up on some of them. So in this video I’ll give you the 7 most important things you need to give up on to be successful.

1. The fear of uncertainty

The first thing to give up on is that fear of uncertainty. If you wait and procrastinate for things to be right you’ll end up waiting for the rest of your life and that’s what murders the chances of ever making progress. Just like motivation will destroy your chances of making progress, because you’ll only do something when you feel like it and when you’re motivated enough.

Motivation might get you started but it will fade away quickly once it gets a little rough leaving your dreams stone dead. When you have that fear of uncertainty, start small and try to scale up and build from there without relying on motivation, but discipline. Discipline is what will keep you going and do what you’re supposed to when you’re supposed to do it regardless if you feel like it or not.

Make a little list every day of things you need to get done and put a little box next to each task. Get to work and tick those little boxes off no matter what, and doing that consistently builds more discipline and success is inevitable in the long run if you follow that procedure.

2. The need to be liked/Approval from others

The next one is the need to be be liked and get approval from others, and it’s a nice concept unless you’re trying to get everyone to approve you, because that’s impossible. The only way to avoid negativity and criticism is to never express yourself, avoid having a stance in something but most importantly don’t let anyone know you exist, because if you do they’ll find a way to criticize you for it. Obviously you should’ve been raised better to understand that you can’t just exist like that.

hate comment

But on a serious note originality and authenticity are two key factors that people will appreciate about you that will separate you from others so try to focus on that and just know the hate and haters will come regardless. I’ve realized that the most of the supposed haters are just bored, attention seeking people who’s looking to argue and get a reaction from you. My tip is to not fight fire with fire but flip a bucket of some lovely ice cold water on them and see how they react.

3. Relying on luck

The next one is to rely on luck. It’s actually pretty easy to get lucky when you work your balls off every day because then opportunities will come along that otherwise would be hidden or you just wasn’t prepared for them yet. Good luck is not given but earned and it seems that the harder you work the luckier you become.

Take Mark Cuban as an example. A lot of people call Mark Cuban the luckiest man alive, including Mark himself when he became a billionaire after Yahoo bought for 5.7 billion dollars. But he definitely didn’t rely on luck to get to the negotiations in the first place and you can’t overlook the effort and preparation that led up to the opportunity of selling it when the internet was booming and most of these companies were a bit overvalued.

It seems that luck is nothing more than preparation meeting opportunity. Don’t rely on good luck but instead create your luck by putting the effort in over a long period of time and take advantage of the opportunities that comes your way because of it.

4. The need to be perfect

Then it’s the need to be perfect, and it’s a major factor you need to give up as it slows down progress dramatically. Perfection doesn’t exist, it’s an illusion and the pursuit of it will waste time and drain your energy like a plumber draining a clogged pipe.

This is something I struggle with myself sometimes and when you’re aiming for perfection, the work to get there becomes this endless hill that you don’t even get started on because you know you’ll never finish it anyway. Get whatever you need done, stop wasting time one tiny details no one except yourself cares about so you can move on and make progress. Screw perfection, aim for progress and improvement.

5. Avoiding discomfort

The next thing you need to give up is the constant avoidance of discomfort. Avoiding discomfort versus seeking discomfort has shown to be one of the main factors that separates a struggling low-income worker and potential first generation millionaire. And I don’t think I need to go into too much detail to defend that, but if you’re someone who’s looking for comfort and entertainment as soon as you get some time over to binge watch a Netflix series rather than to take advantage of that time to do something productive and a lot more uncomfortable than chilling in a couch, it’s safe to say that you’ll not make it very far. Instead sacrifice your free time, turn down partying on the weekend and get to work and see where that takes you.

6. A victim mentality

You’ll also need to give up the victim mentality which can be easily overlooked and ignored and we don’t always want to realize that we possess it, myself included. It’s easy to blame the government for our own lack of income, or despise Steve for getting that promotion because he’s stupid, ugly and only got that position because he sucked up to the boss and certainly not because of his effort and competence.

As a rule of thumb, try to always blame yourself for whatever happens and see yourself as the problem rather than pointing fingers at everyone else. If you see yourself as the problem then you can also find the solution to that problem in yourself rather than out there in some corner that you pretend you can’t reach. The greatest poker players don’t win because they get the best cards all the time, but it’s how they play them. It’s 10 % what happens to you and 90 % how you react to it.

7. Learned helplessness

The last one is learned helplessness. When everything just goes against you and nothing seems to work out it’s easy to fall into learned helplessness. The belief that no matter what you do you’re not in control of what’s happening based on past experiences and you end up just doing nothing since trying is pointless anyway.

However trying is never the problem but trying and giving up as soon as something doesn’t go your way is the problem and what creates the state of learned helplessness. The only way to break free from that state is to just keep going once you get started and work through the setbacks.

These are some of the things you need to give up on to turn things around if you’re not doing too well at the moment, and I could mention a plenty more like give up bad habits or distractions but I think that’s more or less self evident. Think outside the box, be creative and blame yourself for the bad luck. Next time you’re dealt a bad hand playing poker, flip the table, take the chips and run.




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