My goal with Primed is to help you optimize yourself in three ways – Mentally, Physically and financially.

To put it simple, create the best life a human can have.


Your mindset lays the foundation for your success or failure in everything you do, and I want to help you create an absolute bulletproof mindset that is destined for success. I have moulded my mindset videos around the most successful people that has ever set foot on this planet, where I break down how to apply effective principles and the logic behind them.

You can never truly enjoy a sharp mindset without an excellent health and physique. However I’m not talking about cool workout routines or breaking down what I eat throughout the day. I’m talking about developing habits that will make you fucking ripped, shed unnecessary fat while building rock solid muscles resting on a phenomenal posture. I’m also describing several methods that you can apply to increase the release of natural human growth hormone, slow down aging, speed up recovery and a lot more. In short, how to extend your life being healthier than ever with a shredded body.

The financials are also incredibly important in order to have the best life a human can have. And with a clear and ever-growing mindset along an excellent physique, you will have the best use of your money. I explain methods that has made people go from dirt poor to become some of the wealthiest people in the world. I also go through the rules and laws of money, and how you can increase your income to however much you desire.